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Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is more common in the U.S. than ever before. One in three U.S. citizens are obese according to the Center for Disease Control.

This disease can increase risk factors for significant health conditions or serious diseases that can result either in physical disability or even death.

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General Surgery

This surgical specialty focuses on the contents of the abdomen, esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, thyroid gland, breast, skin, soft tissue and hernias.

All of our physicians are board certified in general surgery and trained in using the laparoscopic approach.

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A Surgical Practice Built on Excellance

Drs. Alexander, Haag III and Brackman are Board Certified in general surgery which includes the surgical management of the following conditions:

  • Diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease
  • Inflammation of the gallbladder, appendix or pancreas. Cholecystitis, appendicitis, and pancreatitis
  • Abscesses located any where on the body
  • Lumps and bumps of the skin and soft tissue
  • Breast abscess, lumps and or a biopsy necessary for cancer diagnosis or treatment
  • Breast Mastectomy (removal of the breast due to cancer)
  • Comprehensive breast cancer management
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Cancer
  • Colon
  • Colorectal tumors, cancers, fistulas
  • Hemorrhoids, fistulas, pilonidal cyst, or perirectal abscesses
  • Weight loss surgery. Gastric banding , gastric sleeve and gastric bypass
  • Hernias that develop in the groin, abdomen, belly button, incision site and female groin area

Surgical management includes the diagnosis, preoperative (before surgery), operative ( during surgery) and postoperative (after surgery) management, including the complications that may occur after surgery.  Our Practice was established over 60 (sixty) years ago and our staff’s years of experience combined is over 100 years.  Needless to say our staff and practice are here to help you through your surgical experience with sound surgical judgment and a safe, comfortable and a convenient experience as possible.

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Elizabeth Courtney RN BSN MBA Practice Administrator

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